Kodi & Fire TV stick

Amazon currently offer really cool and cheap device Fire TV stick. This Fire TV stick is similar to Chromecast. You plug it in your TV and then your TV is magically smart land full of movies and series to watch. Only one thing, you have to have Amazon Prime, without this subscription is it just stick without any content with preinstalled Android and remote control – which is beautiful and incredibly usefull.

Fire TV stick is basically Android device. Well, there are a lot of Android Apps, for instance KODI. Open-source media center, which allows you to watch whatever you want, only thing you need to invest is time and knowledge.

How to do it:

1) Buy Amazon Fire TV Stick

You can buy it from Amazon webstore. You can get it here currently for 39eur.

2) Plug it in and connect to your Wifi
3) Install android App

How to install android app on Fire TV stick?

This step can be solved by many differend approaches. The most usefull one will be this:

Allow untrusted application and developer options – direct approach with pictures is here
Settings->Device->Developer options->Allow ADB debug and Untrusted Apps.

After this, you can either: install application from amazon apps store or use this app for installing other applications for your Fire TV.

You can also use Android Developer Bridge (ADB) and by it control your Fire TV stick. This app allow you to connect to your device, install some package .apk or browse filesystem.

Current version of KODI can be downloaded here (choose android version).

Basically, when you manage to install KODI that’s the win. After that, you can install any other Android App on your own wish.

Kodi and Fire TV Stick

After you install KODI, there are some things you will need to get used to. For example:

Remote control has no „fullscreen“ button

This can be solved by presing „back“ button and then „left“, you should see left options sidebar and in the bottom, there is remote control button for fullscreen.

How install other repositories to KODI

First install of KODI is without any Addons, only available addons are in some global repository. The really useful one are mostly on private repositories. To install that, just copy „zip file“ of repository to your KODI. For this operation you can use ABDLink and press button „filemanager“, then copy your repository to KODI.

Fire TV Stick specification