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I have decided to start write down some my knowledge about Java world and ecosystem. I have a lot of experience with java since my highschool. I have been working as java developer, I have read a lot of books, get training but I still felt, that there is so many information, standards, versions, components, types that I need it to document just how the things interact and what I know about each of them.

Currently, there are two main branches on which I mainly focus. Web-development and Spring integration. In this area I feel most confusion and complex solutions which are not easy to understand. Therefore, they need some documentation not about how to use them but what they are and where do you need them.

Both branches has repository on GitHub with the simplest possible example. This example is basic configuration which can be blueprint for future projects. Besides the code there is also documentation and wiki.

Servlet example
Spring Dependency Injection example
Java Wiki