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Max Frisch’s Questionnaire

Switzerland writer Max Frisch wrote few questions which are really interesting. This questions are interesting not for some score but just for themselves to be risen up and to expand our horizons of thoughts.

Q: Are you really interested in the preservation of the human race once you and all the people you know are no longer alive? State briefly why.

A: Yes, I`m human and I want our race to continue.

Q: How many of your children do not owe their existence to deliberate intention?

A: None, I don`t have children yet.

Q: Whom would you rather never have met?

A: No-one, I`m grateful for every person I have meet and it brings me a lot of experience - bad or good, that doesn’t matter. 
Q: Are you conscious of being in the wrong in relation to some other person (who need not necessarily be aware of it)? If so, does this make you hate yourself – or the other person?

A: Yes, that`s make me angry.

Q: Would you like to have perfect memory?

A: Human memory is good as it is, there is nothing like perfect memory.

Q: Give the name of a politician whose death through illness, accident, etc. would fill you with hope. Or do you consider none of them indispensible?

A: I don`t wish any harm to any person or human being. 

Q: Which person or persons, now dead, would you like to see again?

A: My grandfather.

Q: Which not?

A: None

Q: Would you rather have belonged to a different nation (or civilization)? If so, which?

A: I think our nation is fine, there is no better (perfect) nation.

Q: To what age do you wish to live?

A: at least 115 years

Q: If you had the power to put into effect things you consider right, would you do so against the wishes of the majority? (Yes or no)

A: Yes

Q: Why not, if you think they are right? 

Q: Which do you find it easier to hate, a group or an individual? And do you prefer to hate individually or as part of a group?

A: It`s easily to hate group without face but haters is wrong even for group or individual. 

Q: When did you stop believing you could become wiser – or do you still believe it? Give your age.

A: I still believe I can be wiser, everyone can. I`m now 25 years old.

Q: Are you convinced by your own self-criticism?

A: Yes, one of the biggest. 

Q: What in your opinion do others dislike about you, and what do you dislike about yourself? If not the same thing, which do you find it easier to excuse?

A: Others dot like my mood swing, my opinions which they don`t understand or seem correct to them. I don`t like also my mood swing and sometimes my stubborn. It`s easier to excuse my strong opinions towards others, I do it for their own good. 
Q: Do you find the thought that you might never have been born (if it ever occurs to you) disturbing?

A: Not at all

Q: When you think of someone dead, would you like him to speak to you, or would you rather say something more to him?

A: Both, conversation would be nice.

Q: Do you love anybody?

A: Yes, I do.

Q: How do you know?

A: I`m smart person, I know.

Q: Let us assume that you have never killed another human being. How do you account for it?

A: It`s natural to not kill your own species. 

Q: What do you need in order to be happy?

A: Free-time, money, company, books, sport, sex, love, animals, shelter, invention, food, sun 

Q: What are you grateful for?

A: I`m grateful for human existence and all human being on the planet. 

Q: Which would you rather do: die or live on as a healthy animal? Which animal?

A: Animal, totally animal! Almost anyone fish, cat, bird, dog, elephant. My favorite would be dog. 

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