18 března, 2020

Coronavirus update 18. March 2020

Since 1. March there is global pandemic declared by WHO world-wide. 

My assumptions and observations of current situation are following:
  1. USA is very delayed with Coronavirus testing. State of national emergency was declared very late, they have probably about 10.000 or 100.000 cases or more due to flights and unrestricted movement. Very nice video in the end of this post.
  2. China numbers are fake, it's not possible that the Coronavirus stopped exactly at 80.000 and did not continue any further.
  3. In Europe the Coronavirus Epidemic will peak at starting of summer - probably at May.
  4. Czechia made correct and strict restrictions, which will slow the spread of Coronavirus. It will reach its peak in next two weeks and then will go down. Most of cases are imported from Italy by residents returning from spring holidays. My assumptions is that new cases will go down till end of March. 
  5. Coronavirus is now everywhere and it will spread till there will be heard immunity. If the weather allows it, it will continue and probably peak around winter this year. 
  6. Italy is example of zombie west-democracy. They didn't react to coronavirus pandemic and allow it to spread, it is similar to collapse of bridge in Genoa. 
  7. After the Coronavirus pandemic, there will be huge economic impacts. We have entered global recession and it will stay with us until end of 2021. 

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